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Labor Temps Chicago Companies Can Find You The Right Employees

Labor Temps Chicago Companies Can Find You The Right EmployeesWhen a company uses a staffing agency, it has many choices in the type of agency it uses and how it goes about filling positions. The most common notable difference is that some employees like to have staffing agencies find direct hires for positions that are available, while others like to find temporary, temp to hire or contract employees. Not only are there different types of employees for these positions based on those categories, but there are also different ways on going about getting them.

Some of the staffing agencies even supply people with day labor employees, which means the jobs are basic general labor and can be filled by almost everyone. You need to be dealing with a company that is experienced in providing the types of employees you need, and you’re going to want to know what type of contract you will have with a company.

What is their take? They usually get a certain amount per hour for each employee. Let’s say you need three employees for day labor at your facility and the job is general cleanup throughout the day. You’re willing to pay the employees 10 dollars an hour. Now, for the service to send you qualified employees and take care of the payroll and all the extras, you might provide them an extra two dollars an hour. So, you’re essentially paying 12 dollars an hour for your employee.

That is how labor temps Chicago companies will approach compensation, whether you’re talking about day labor companies or long-term staffing solutions. Of course, you can also go the temp to hire route, in which after a certain period of probation, the temp employee is then evaluated for a direct hire position with the company. There are labor temps Chicago companies that can find these types of employees for you, too.

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