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I Have To Write A Paper About Movie Director Mikael Marczak

I Have To Write A Paper About Movie Director Mikael MarczakI have to write a paper about movie director Mikael Marczak. When I originally signed up for film studies, I did it thinking it might be a fun elective to ease my stress my first semester of college. I have always loved movies. I should have figured the professor would be some Emmy winner who takes the craft incredibly seriously, and that the assignments would be equally serious. So, here I am, with real homework potentially ruining a creative and escapist medium I once loved and cherished.

Actually, it is not so bad. I am being taught a lot about how movies are made, as well as how to objectively critique them for their technical, creative, and artistic merits. I am also getting introduced to genres and films I might not have watched otherwise, as well as people behind the camera, like movie director Mikael Marczak.

He has a ton of credits as a cinematographer, and a few for sound. He has apparently only been directing on his own for a few films, and it looks like most of his work has been in documentaries.

The topic of the paper is kind of up to me, I just know it has to critique his work from some angle. I think I am going for a similarities and differences piece. I plan on watching everything Marczak has done that I can find on Netflix and the other streaming services I currently have. I’ll note down what common elements keep coming up but then distinguish each piece of work for how it stands out from the rest of his career.

It might not be the greatest paper ever, but it will either be a solid idea or spark an even better idea.

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